Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hospital, day 18 - 25 1/2 weeks!!

Sorry I've kept you waiting longer for this post. I was waiting for something interesting or exciting, and I sure do have some incredible news!!! Yesterday morning I went for another ultrasound/growth scan... now, I was NOT prepared for the outcome. Brace yourself... my fluid level was 12.9!!!!!!! AND, the tech said that is a NORMAL level! What?!?!? Really?!?!? What?!?!? I've referenced in the past the "deepest vertical pocket" measurement, and my mom asked her about that and her response was, "We don't measure the deepest vertical pocket when the fluid is adequate." I'm simply amazed. I have definitely noticed changes over the last couple weeks in the hospital in that my belly, and lets face it, the rest of me, has really grown. This must be due in part at least to more fluid accumulating and his growth... it could also be from the desserts that come with every meal(I keep "forgetting" to tell them not to include them) When Ryan visited he said, "You look a lot more pregnant now!" They estimate baby's weight at 2 lbs and in the 70th percentile. The doctors were very pleased, not jumping for joy by any means because they still consider me "ruptured" and at risk. They still talk about how we won't know any damage to his lungs that the low fluid may have caused until birth, however, I just don't think the ultrasound could have brought better news! To hear the words normal... that's not an adjective that has been used in any description of my pregnancy since this all began. I'm so excited to share this with you. I believe our prayers are being heard and answered! We'll keep taking things slowly and cautiously, but will continue believing that the impossible is possible. Thank you for continuing to be on this journey with us!

With love,

A peak at his sweet face... hard see it through the chord.

Just a lil' reminder.

Stella's visit last weekend.


  1. WOOOOHOOOOOO!!! Praise God! I have been doing the happy dance for you all day today! :) You are doing a great job and can't wait to hear the next update! Believing with you for GREAT things for you and this little man.
    LOVE the memo board and the pic of Stella too!

    Great job momma!

  2. Miraculous!! God is amazing, and I continue to pray for you all daily. Stay strong, Krissy, and take care of yourself. What great news!!!!!

  3. What wonderful news Krissy!! God has truly sent angels to watch over your little fighter and He is living within you everyday giving you the strength to trust Him and keeping your faith strong in Him! Praise God!

  4. Can't stop crying and smiling!!!! Good news isn't description enough, what a sweet and powerful God He is!!

  5. We will keep praying for this to continue! Love you!

  6. I am so thrilled! This is great news Kristin. I'm so thankful to the Lord and so proud of you for keeping gritty faith... I know it hasn't been easy. Much love from Michigan.

  7. Tears of joy! Will continue to pray for you all!

  8. I am so happy for you to have made it this far! The best place for your little one is inside and I am so glad you held onto to your faith to get you to this point. Keep believing! Since the doctors may want you to deliver soon I would love to share with you what my charity does for families with a baby in the NICU. I was glad you toured the NICU to become as informed as you can. I am praying for your family.