Thursday, June 3, 2010

Appointment with Maternal Fetal Medicine

Yesterday was a big day, and left us with more decisions to make, so I didn't have much remaining energy last night to update. We had our ultrasound and consultation at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis. I was beyond relieved when yesterday morning finally came, especially after the incredibly long and stressful night I had with about two hours of sleep, due to my anxiety over those last 24 hours standing between us and the appointment.

Now for some results... My cumulative amniotic fluid level was 7.34, which was an increase from 4.5 when I was in the hospital. Considering I continue to loose fluid, I am encouraged that more is still being produced and accumulating. The normal range is 9-22, 9 of course being very "low normal", so 7.34 gives me hope that we just might be able to inch our way into the territory of "normal" even if it is lower than desired. The tech noticed the baby's abdomen rising and falling and she explained that the baby is practicing breathing. Now, it doesn't mean that the lungs are forming, but she said it's a good sign! Another pleasant surprise came when she told me she estimated him to weigh 1 lb 5 oz!! I was so happy to hear that! Two weeks ago in the hospital they said he was about 13 oz, so to hear he has gained that much to me is just awesome. She made some other remarks like, "that's a pretty spine", and another measurement or shape in the spine that indicates spinal bifida which looked good, and she said, "now, that's what we like to see."... more sighs and smiles from Ryan and I.

Next was our appointment with Dr. Rampesad, who Ryan and I really liked! She was very patient and attentive to my endless questions, spending over an hour with us. She had lots of medical history questions for us, and then gave me all the time I needed to explain what we've been through. Most of the info she offered were things we've already been told. She reinforced concern over infection, especially with someone like me who had a rupture so early, and explained again why they have to deliver when there is even evidence of infection because it can be deadly to baby and to me. She also spent more time with us explaining concerns for placenta abruption, which is where the placenta suddenly tears away from the uterine wall, causing extreme bleeding, and happens more often in cases of premature rupture. That would be another emergency c-section situation, where they would do everything to stabilize us both. So, you can see why they choose to hospitalize women in cases where either happens, and why every week further is so vital for baby. On June 13th, I will be 24wks, which is what they consider viable, and his chances of survival are 50%. She has given us the choice of going into the hospital at 23 or 24 weeks. In the research I've done, SOME women opt to stay home for longer and mange there, but because I've been ruptured since 16wks and we are 2 hours from the hospital, we've decided that I will go in at 23wks. So, as of now, Monday is the day. The best case scenario is that I'm able to carry until 34 wks, at which point the risks of the baby remaining in the womb outweigh the benefits, and he will be delivered.

I have such mixed feelings as this separation from Stella and Ryan will be so incredibly difficult, but I believe I will feel safer knowing that I am in the best place to receive immediate care if an emergency should arise. Though I want and pray to carry for as long as possible and have worried all along about so much, I am thinking now of the emotional and physical toll a prolonged hospital stay could take. But, we feel immeasurably blessed that we are surrounded and supported by such incredible family and loved ones, who are willing to drop anything and give so much to help us. I've had this verse in my mind for several days, "Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary." ~ Isaiah 40:31 Now, I don't see any running or much walking in my near future, but I think you can catch the meaning. :-) Waiting is wearisome, tiring, and I don't think I even know emotionally the extent of what I'm facing, but I do trust that as I wait, I will gain new strength to press on and stay strong.

With love,


  1. I'm praying for you Kristin! I know you know this :) but God has a plan in it all - for you, for the baby, for Ryan and Stella.

    May God's peace be with you at all times.


  2. You are doing GREAT! I am amazed at your strength As hard as it is to be away from your family- you and Ryan are doing the right thing! Praying that these days will fly and you will be at that 24- NO.... 34 week mark before you know it! :) If you were ever going to get back into making blankets and scarves- now would be the time! lol

    SO proud of you. Hang in there!

  3. I will continue praying for you all, Krissy. Your strength and faith are such an encouragement to me. I'll call you to see if I can help in any way before Monday. Thank you for sharing your updates on your blog!