Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hospital Day 60 - 31 1/2 weeks!!

Sorry I've kept you hanging for a while. Up until this week, there really wasn't much to report. I figured the details of hospital life, as exciting as it sounds, might not make for a very interesting read. Last week, I seemed to be feeling a bit more down, but thankfully after a great weekend with family and turning 31 weeks, I'm in much better spirits. Yesterday was another growth scan which brought some interesting results. Baby appears to weigh 4 lbs 6 oz, which shows growth in the 71st percentile. My fluid level was 26... Ready for a twist? That's actually 1 point above the "normal" level. There is actually a diagnosis for TOO much fluid called polyhydramnios. We don't seem to be in that territory right now, but considering at my lowest point it was 1.3 cm, this is quite a turn of events!! One cause of excess fluid can be gestational diabetes. So, considering the level is just over normal, and that the baby measured really big at the last scan (over 95th percentile) and finally, my initial blood glucose level was 137 (close to the cut off of 140) during my first glucose screening at 26 wks, they decided to re-screen me for gestational diabetes. I failed the initial one hour test yesterday, so I had to do the three hour screening this morning. Thankfully, after another round of liquid sugar and having blood drawn four times during a 3 hour period, all the readings were normal, so they are no longer concerned about GD. Needless to say, it's probably not a bad idea for me to be a little more conscientious of my intake of sweets and carbs. So, that will cut out some things I've enjoyed, but will be better for us. They will continue to check my fluid level weekly to see that it isn't increasing too much as well as check for the baby's position. Thus far, since having such a swimming pool for him to now enjoy, his position hasn't been consistent. He's been all over the place, making up for lost time I can only assume. We are hopeful that he will get cosy in the vertex or head down position which would be favorable for a normal delivery and help potentially avoid another c-section. There will be other variables affecting the type of delivery, but we'll know more as the time draws closer.

So, we're still waiting, BUT getting more excited as we know we're getting so much closer. I've seen a number of doctors since being here, so they will begin discussions next week about "the plan." Originally, the goal was to get to 34 wks and then deliver, as that is their standard procedure in cases of pre-mature rupture. However, our situation has been quite an anomaly, it sounds like they are considering letting me go beyond 34 weeks since I have more than enough fluid. I'm really interested to hear how that discussion goes... I would love to make it a bit further, because that will give baby even more time to grow. It's hard for me right now to comprehend weeks past 34 as I've spent a long time focusing on the goal of reaching 34 weeks on August 22nd, and the idea of being here longer is more than daunting. We'll take one thing at a time though, as we've always done, continuing to be so thankful to STILL be here. A lot can happen over the next 3 weeks, so I don't want to get ahead of things.

That's pretty much the scoop right now. My mom is bringing Stella up tomorrow for the weekend, and Ryan will be here Saturday evening after work. It's always such a relief when they get here and we experience another weeks turn over together.

I imagine for most of you, summer is coming to a close. It's crazy to me that I've missed an entire season during all this!! When I first came into the hospital, I noticed how the sun was setting later and later every night and now, I'm noticing just the opposite. I've been here for two months! I've been sad to miss out on all of the things I love about summer... sun, flowers, the sound of lawn mowers, lightening bugs, swimming, and most of all, enjoying it with Stella... and yet, all things to look forward, appreciate, and savor next year with her AND our little miracle.

With love,


  1. I continue to think about you often and pray. You are such a brave mama!

  2. Kirstin.... I am just in amazement of your story and how it has unfolded!!!! WHAT A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!! LOVE these updates!!!! I am SOOOO thankful your precious baby boy has stayed in your womb!!! He's MUCH better off in there, than outside right now!!! My sister works in the NICU, and I've seen those tiny babies..... SO YAY for 31 weeks!!!
    We continue to pray for you and your family!!
    LOVE the updates!!!
    The Marvin Family!

  3. What a miracle. You are above and beyond a trooper Kristin. So happy to hear that everything is going so well! I cannot wait to meet this little guy and tell him how much his mama loves him. You should be so proud of yourself. Any chance of them letting you leave- even locally?? I'm sure you would love to get out and feel the summer sun for more than a 30 minute wheelchair ride. lol Yes you missed most of summer, but you will have the cutest little pumpkin in the Fall!