Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hospital Day 79 - 34 1/2 weeks!

Psalm 27:14 ~ Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.

Waiting is a skill I've honed these last three months, and having the perspective of waiting on the Lord has definitely helped me in times that have seemed confusing, overwhelming and endless. I feel like we're really turned a corner this week now that we've made it to 34 weeks! That was the long awaited goal for so long, what we were shooting for, hoping and praying for. And, here we are! The "plan" has been adapted to accommodate the unexpected, as the doctors are now thrilled to have a new goal of 37 weeks. So, I thought I'd lay out for you the new plan as well as the wonderful results of our ultrasound today. I will officially turn 37 weeks on Sunday, September 12th. Early that week, they will do another scan to make sure baby is still head down, and if so, will proceed with an amniocentesis to check lung maturity and look for infection in the amniotic fluid. As long as the lungs show no signs of immaturity, we will have the green light for delivery. Because my delivery with Stella ended up in a c-section, the type of delivery will be dependent upon many things, the first being the baby's position. If he's head down then they will start the induction process and do everything to assist me in a safe vaginal delivery. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't be thrilled about induction, (I happily avoided it last time and Stella was 11 days late), but considering the situation, and that I trust my doctors, I feel good about it. I'm growing more nervous daily, but am beyond excited to finally meet our sweet boy, and welcome him into the world, thanking God for His first breath and every one that follows. Your prayers that the induction is successful, and we are able to have a safe delivery regardless are SO appreciated.

Our ultrasound today showed that he weighs 5 lbs 10 oz! My fluid level is 21.5, holding fast at a great level! He was in a better position today to be viewed, and we went away with some great pictures. I saw him open his eyes slightly and even what looked like a little smile! We were also told that he has lots of hair... how they can tell, I have no idea, but another cute detail to think about.

As we're nearing the end of this part of the journey, I want to again thank you so much for your love and support, and your prayers that continue to envelope us. My appreciation and reverence for life, faith, miracles and hope have deepened and grown more steadfast than ever.

With love,


  1. Kristin this is such great news! I celebrate this milestone with you! Hang in there...won't be much longer until you hold that sweet baby boy in your arms!

  2. I am so thrilled for you Kristin! I have been praying for you and thinking about you a lot over these past few months. You're almost there, friend!

  3. Kristin -Every update brings such great news. I am always so thrilled and in awe of all that God has done... Can't believe we're this close to the finish line. So proud of you. Yay for you all!

  4. Your faith in God at times may of been shaken, but you all stuck through it and never gave up! I'm so proud of all of you and so grateful that God had blessed you with the strength to deal with this emotional hurdle. This little baby boy will have such a wonderful life because he will have the best sister, father and mother! Congrats on this stage of the pregnancy! I can't wait to see "baby Schweain" pics!