Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hospital Day 95 - Almost 37 Weeks!!

I can hardly believe that I am almost to 37 weeks! This week has been one of building excitement, anxiety, and anticipation as we are nearing Monday, the day that COULD end up being the big day! I find myself riding waves of emotion as I realize our baby is so close to entering this world, and drawing his first breath, bringing such an incredible miracle into our lives. I know you're all waiting as excitedly as we are to see how everything turns out. I don't have too many finite details for you, but I can tell you the "menu" of scenarios that we are preparing for on Monday.

They will begin by checking the baby's position. I've mentioned that he has consistently shown a fondness for the transverse lie which isn't that uncommon, but not favorable for a traditional birth. Not to mention, such position adds to the risk of chord compression or prolapse. Basically, it makes the doctors nervous, which in turn, makes us nervous. Yesterday we had a quick ultrasound to check his position, and once again, he was in the transverse lie. Actually, he was sort of between that and a breech lie... sigh... he still has a few days to move yet, so I'm hoping he will "head south!"

If he is still indeed not in the head down position on Monday, they will proceed with the amniocentesis and check for lung maturity. If they find lung maturity, then we will have the c-section shortly after. That scenario would no doubt make for the shortest route to having him in our arms, but I still have my reservations about the c-section (longer recovery and well... being cut open in general), which is partly due to my previous experience. But, I also understand the value of a more "controlled" environment and at this point, solely want the best possible outcome for him.

If the amnio shows the lungs are still immature, that will override the chord risks, and we would continue on until 39 weeks, save for spontaneous labor before then, of course. That means another week or two in the hospital, so that will take another emotional re-adjustment. If he IS found to be head down they will then check my cervix to see if it's "changing" and becoming favorable. If so, we would then have the amnio. Again we'd be checking for lung maturity.

Induction would be the next step if lungs are mature, another scenario I'm a bit nervous about. Let's face it, inductions don't always work and many times are a road to c-section regardless, and I would normally never volunteer for induction. Because of my prior c-section with Stella, and my early hemorrhage and membrane rupture this time around, they are more limited in the induction process. There will be progression expectations within a shorter window, all in an effort to avoid any problems of safety for both of us. Many of you know that I was determined with Stella to avoid induction, and went 11 days past my due date, allowing for the most natural progression. However, nothing about this pregnancy has been "normal" or predictable, so that certainly influences my openness to a less traditional approach. And, finally, if my cervix is found to be unfavorable or unchanged, then induction would be even less likely to work. So, then comes the question... do we continue to wait, or do we proceed with the c-section? I've been told though by most of the doctors that they will not be comfortable with letting me go beyond 39 weeks.

You can see that these many possibilities are keeping me on edge. All that said, what an incredible feat that we are HERE and NOW, and that these options are before us at 37 weeks- a goal that medically speaking, NO ONE thought we could achieve!!! So, if I sound a little intimidated, I am, BUT I am thrilled, elated, and rejoicing for such an extensive "menu" of options! Besides, I'm still holding out for spontaneous labor by Monday morning if you'd like to add that to your prayers!! But, considering how well things have gone thus far... I probably shouldn't hold my breath. :-)

So, until Monday, the anticipation will continue growing, and unfortunately, I'll keep biting my nails...

{Please join with us in prayers for safety through the delivery}

The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.
~ Proverbs 18:10

I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.
~ Psalm 4:8

{Because hope is what we've held onto since our journey began, I pray yours is overflowing}

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. ~ Romans 15:13

With love,


  1. I am praying and praying and praying for you. I can't even imagine how trying this has been. However, like I said last week, I'm totally amazed that you have fought through this tough time. You get my gold star for the year. Hopefully I can bring up my little boy for you to see. Between napping constantly and eating all the rest of the time.

  2. it is all SO wonderful! I'm sure still slightly nerve-wracking to have no definitive answers even now but how amazing to be so close! YAY!! God has done all this so far, I have no doubt He will continue to amaze and answer prayers, so yes I will pray for spontaneous labor and smooth delivery with as little intervention as is possible.

  3. Um, you are so cute pregnant. You should be pregnant ALL the time. (Maybe a recovery period is needed after this, however...) :-) Love you and baby!

  4. Kristin - all of my love, prayers and excitement coming your way! So eager to hear all of this news. Love you.