Monday, September 13, 2010

Hospital Day 99.............. No baby today!

I was hoping to be writing this with wonderful news about our baby being born, BUT it just didn't happen today. We were all ready, when last night I began noticing that I was coming down with something... the same thing Stella had, that my mom ended up with over the weekend? uh..oh... I had a recognizable and annoying prickly feeling in my nose and a scratchy feeling in my throat. Sure enough, by morning, I was in full blown cold mode! I expressed concern to the nurses, and at that point was only worried about passing something on to the baby. "Here baby, have a nice respiratory infection to welcome you into the world!" They took me down to labor and delivery to begin assessing things. My cervix was completely unchanged and unfavorable, and he was back to the transverse position. At that point we began discussing the c-section and had decided to move ahead until I said, "One thing I'm concerned about though...", and proceeded to tell them about the cold that was getting worse by the hour. That changed everything. My doctor said that there's no way we could do surgery today knowing that I'm developing some type of upper respiratory infection because of the danger it could pose with anesthesia if for some reason I needed to be put to sleep. Also, anytime you combine a URI with surgery the chances of developing pneumonia are increased. We'll just have to wait until it clears up. SO, that was a little disappointing. We did not do the amniocentesis, as they only want to do that test if we are moving straight to delivery subsequently. I had experienced so many emotions already this morning, including those thoughts of "I'm not ready for this today!" to "Okay, I AM ready for this today!" I do feel some relief though because as the day has worn on, I'm definitely feeling worse. It would have been very hard to deliver and deal with being sick on top of everything- hard to care for some one else when you're struggling yourself.

I'll keep you posted over the next few days and will be talking to the doctors more. Hopefully this will pass about as quickly as it came on. Until then, it's back to my old digs in the antepartum unit. I said goodbye once again to Ryan and Stella, feeling that familiar sadness. At least when the time really comes, we've pretty much packed everything up! Tomorrow I celebrate day 100 here at the hospital! How bout those apples!

With love,

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