Friday, September 17, 2010

The best laid plans...

I'm writing this entry once again back in my room in antepartum. Yep! Today was NOT the day! We knew going in this morning that there were no guarantees about what the amnio would show, but still hoped that the lungs would be mature. We made the trek to labor and deliver and got all squared away. I was dressed in my every so flattering hospital gown and ready for the amniocentesis. The procedure really wasn't that bad, and my doctor's description was pretty much spot on with what to expect. The 3 failed iv attempts earlier were actually more painful. It was a really strange experience, considering the needle punctures your skin AND then your uterus... but the anticipation and wondering was actually worse than the procedure. Not much more than an hour later the doctor was back in and let us know that the lungs did not show enough maturity. The cutoff number is 55 and his was 54.3, so really close, just not close enough. They're confident that by 39 weeks OR if I go into labor before on my own, that he will be ready. I do not doubt that from the beginning God has worked by preserving this little life and his habitat, and has once again to us, made that clear. It's sort of a relief, because the balancing, weighing and speculating have only gotten us so far. He is still being sheltered and protective and where he needs to be. Granted, I felt more than overwhelmed once again, going back to my hospital room knowing it could be ten more days... more time away from Ryan and Stella. At this point, we probably won't be home till October... crazy. BUT, I'm really thankful for the results today that told us, "Mom, Dad, I just need a little more time." So, little one, you just stay comfy and keep growing, and we'll be patient until the time is right and you are ready.

With love,

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  1. you are almost there! He can't hide in there forever! lol Your strength throughout this whole process is mind blowing! Hang in there- Soon you will be home as a family of FOUR!!