Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Callum is 9 Months!

Callum is 9 months old today! Despite my hopes to blog regularly, I haven't written a blog since he was 1 month old! Obviously, SO much has happened since then, way too much for me to write about. What an incredible 9 months though. He has actually been here for as long as I carried him! (These months sure went faster than when I was pregnant! ha!) I've done a lot of reminiscing over the last couple months as I have thought about where we were last year at certain points... remembering in March(10wks) when I had a blood clot that hemorrhaged, in April(16wks) when I began loosing amniotic fluid, the awful weekend in May(20wks) when we found out I was ruptured and had almost no amniotic fluid and were advised to terminate our precious baby because 'he'd never live anyway'. Following that was three weeks on bed rest waiting, hoping, and praying to make it to June 7th(23wks), my admission day to Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis... then, the entire summer and the rest of my pregnancy spent there with more waiting, hoping, and praying, and finally, how much your prayers sustained us and the arms of God held us.

As I meet the year mark of all these points, I feel this twinge... again overcome with relief and thankfulness, yet my heart still remembers well the sadness of being away from Stella and Ryan and the anxiety of what we were facing. Not to mention, how many countless times I thought about and wondered where we would be a year from then?! And now, here we are! Ryan, Stella, me and our beautiful, happy, healthy and HUGE baby boy! Yes, he's huge! He may have had a rough start, but he has certainly caught up. He is meeting all his milestones... well except crawling. We're pretty sure he's just going to go straight to walking. After all, he does have a big sister to chase around!

He is such a charmer and sweet heart. He seems to love everyone, but no one can hold a candle to Mommy. I'm definitely the apple of his eye, and I'm going to remind him of that some day when he's too "old" or too "cool" for cuddles and kisses from me! There are times... about every day, when I'm holding him, and he hangs on so tightly to me with his head on my shoulder, I swear... it's like he knows how much we went through together, and how hard I fought for him. I close my eyes, breathe in his incredible scent, my heart skipping a beat at how powerfully overcome with love for him I am, and I thank the Lord once again for the incredible gift his very life and presence is. Even on the days when I'm exhausted by the craziness of having two kids now (props to you mothers of more than two!!), I remind myself how blessed beyond measure we are.

Not long after Stella was born, I wrote a little song for her, and so of course, I had to have one for Callum too. He smiles EVERY time I sing it to him. Here are the words **his name means dove.

Little angel boy, precious one
Little angel boy, sent from above
Little angel boy, sweet little dove
Callum Ryan Moses, you are loved

Happy 9 months lil guy, we love you!

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